IT Security Solutions

Cybercrime is back on the rise post covid, and it can cost you your business! That is why it is more important than ever to have a strong defence in place.

We understand the importance of keeping your data safe and our expert team know how to find and fix vulnerabilities in your system.  We can develop an IT security strategy that is tailored specifically for your business and can provide you with "Defence in Depth" at an affordable price.

Improving your security can include implementing many of the services we offer:


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IT Security and Monitoring

Its not enough to know you're being attacked you also need to know where the attack originates.

Get a single pane of glass view for your organisation.

Compliance Management
End point protection
Security that never sleeps
Employee Management

Employee Management

If you're worried about your business reputation.  We can assist with tracking employees performance and monitor their activities.

Remote workers need additional monitoring to understand how they are spending their time and providing you with the information needed to assist them to improve their performance.

Receive tailored reporting
Ensure communication adheres to company policy
Control data usage and potential loss
Remote working 2

Remote Working

Our secure solution ensures cloud file shares are only accessible to your business. Always fully encrypted connections end to end keeps your data safe and private.

We offer a variety of remote work solutions with your safety and security in mind when browsing the internet.

This can include the hiding of your IP address and geographic location.

Secure file share
Concealed IP addresses
Reliable, secure end-to-end connections
Patch managment

Patch Management

We carry out updates to software to ensure that errors are resolved and operating system flaws are updated as soon as possible.

This helps with your security profile and keeps software running at an optimum level.

An onerous chore made simple
Compliance made easy
Carried out by trained staff
Threat Defence

Threat Defence

We can help you combat the rise in Cyberattacks, and ensure that your business and reputation are protected too.

Anti-virus and malware protection software and quick response time.

Threat monitoring
Physical firewalls
Minimise downtime
Mail security soloution

Mail Security Solution

For your peace of mind we have mail security solutions to suit all budgets. Tried and tested by our specialist engineers.

Staying secure at all times
Keep communication private
Data tracking
Penetration testing

Penetration Testing 

Do you really know how secure you are?  White, Grey and Black Hat Security and Penetration testing is available for your business.

We can assist with reporting for compliance purposes.

Testing to compliement your current security set-up
Specialise in reporting for compliance
Fully trained penetration testing staff
multi factor authentication icon

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

We can make this security layer more manageable and ensure the authentication process is secure and easily manageable for everyone.

Be more secure
Industry standard
Dedicated contact
risk complaince and security

Risk Compliance Security Assessment

Our vulnerability detection and mitigation solutions are designed to help you identify and fix vulnerabilities before they can cause damage. We make it easy for you to keep your data safe and secure.

Vulnerability detection
Fully trained staff

From start to finish the process was simple and most importantly, stress free.  

The impact on the day to day business was minimal and the outcome exceeded our Q2 expectations. Full Marks.