About us

Strength in Experience

We know that every business is different, so we take the time to get to know you and find the perfect IT solution for your requirements


Aspire IT Services Ltd has over 20 years of experience in providing efficient IT solutions to businesses across the UK.

If you're looking for a partner you can trust to help you grow, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. Our team of IT experts are dedicated to finding the best possible solutions for your business and ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed.

We understand that any disruption to your business can be costly and damaging so we are committed to making sure we provide you with reliable and dependable technology. 

Strength in Training & Development

We keep things simple, affordable, and scalable. We have a wealth of IT and Communications experience, and our engineers are highly trained, fully certified, and dedicated to supporting you and your business.

Strength in Leadership

We have a wealth of experience, a breadth of knowledge, a passion for tech and a commitment to high standards within our leadership team. 

Depth that enables us to deliver consistently great IT services to your business. 

We're committed to pursuing professional accreditations, regular training and stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry, sharing that with our staff and customers. 

Always aspiring to be better.

 Our leadership team

Danny Keller

Commercial Director

Having earnt his BA (Hons) in Economics and Politics from Leeds University, Danny's first real step into the real world was in the Financial Sector. Qualifying as a Stock Broker he gained a lot of skills analysing companies, sectors and markets but felt his calling was always in another direction. 

Danny has worked in the IT sector for over 20 years and seen many changes to the way we work and the tools available to businesses. Things have come a long way since Windows 95 came onto the market!

His expertise pulls together a wide range of skills honed over the years. A key area of which, is advising Financial Institutions and Corporations in End of Lease and redundant situations. 

As a company Aspire have developed tools which help our customers in the remarketing of their assets, across a wide range of sectors, with a view to maximising the return. Over the years we’ve helped our clients remarket anything from IT assets to high value hospital equipment. Including bizarre items such as a full size professional basketball court (don’t ask – actually do ask - as we can probably help!).

Alec Glassford

Technical Director (Telecoms)

Having graduated in 2006 with a BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering, Alec went straight into the telecoms sector building Contact Centre Solutions. In multiple roles he oversaw the transition from ISDN circuits to the new VoIP technologies, championing opensource software to provide the greatest ROI for his clients.

In 2012 Alec founded BA Tech Ltd, which provided bespoke Contact Centre technologies and software.

It was here that Alec built his own VoIP Billing Platform which we continue to use in Aspire today.

As Telecoms Director, Alec is leading a team of Software Developers and Support staff to deliver the next generation of VoIP technologies and applications with the aim of maximising features and keeping pricing ultra competitive.

Mark Hodgkinson

Technical Director (IT)

Mark has been working in the IT industry since the days of 8-bit computing. Over the years, he has gained experience in various roles, including the largest rollout of Windows at the time and spearheading virtualization take-up in government departments. He has also learned about the higher levels of compliance and implementation required in such arenas. Mark specializes in security work for various clients, both large and small.

Strategic thinking and internal communication along with the personal refinement of technical expertise - has kept Mark at the top of his game over these years. During which, he has achieved many accolades including Security Plus - EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker - the rare commodity at that time of Novell CNE and Microsoft MCSE along with VMWare Certified Professional and Certified F5 BIG IP engineer.

A keen hill walker and runner – he's been lucky enough to participate in the Paris / Berlin / New York and even Great Wall of China Marathons and have taken in the sights of the top of Gran Paradiso, Kilimanjaro, Fuji and even Galdh0piggen in Norway with Guatemala and the Ring of Fire next on the list.

Darren Fletcher

Operations Director (IT)

I started in IT around 1994 when Beige coloured PC towers were in fashion, I have a passion for IT solutions and building great relationships.

I have worked for some of the planets biggest IT companies, all the way from a humble engineer up to head of IT but best of all meeting some fantastic people on the way.

What's my greatest success? I like to think that my pragmatic approach to help clients find the right solution, by putting the client in the centre of all the things I do.

Remember life is a lesson, there is never a point to stop learning, refining and driving oneself to be a better character.