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Great deals on second hand Apple kit

At Aspire we have a wide range of pre-owned and refurbished IT equipment.

These items are usually to a very high standard and can be considered a great alternative to buying new IT equipment.

We currently have a selection of Apple kit, in great condition and at amazing prices.

Our current range of Refurbished Apple iPad, iMac & iPhones

iMac Pro 2017 Apple iMac Pro 27", Xeon W-2191B 18 Core, 128GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Pro Vega 64 16GB All-in-one £1595.00 Buy Now

iPhone 11 Pro 5.8" Screen, 64GB Storage, 4GB RAM, 12MP Camera £225.00 Buy Now

iPad 7th Gen MW772B/A 10.2" Apple iPad (7th Gen), 128 GB, Retina Display, Wifi, Space Grey £160.00 Buy Now

Why should you buy preowned/refurbished IT equipment from Aspire?

Cost-Effectiveness Refurbished Apple products are typically priced lower than brand new ones.

You get the quality and reliability of an Apple device at a discounted price.

Warranty and Support All our equipment comes with a warranty and support to ensure you get a quality product every time.

Environmentally Friendly Buying refurbished helps reduce electronic waste by giving products a second life instead of disposing of them.

It's a more sustainable choice.

Availability of Hard to Find Older Models Sometimes, refurbished units offer models that are no longer available as new.

If you prefer a particular model that's not in production anymore, refurbished options can be a great way to get them.

We're a trusted reseller Aspire have been buying and selling IT equipment for over 20 years.

We know how to find great kit and we know how to offer it at the best prices.

We'll also make sure you're satisfied with your purchase with our great support and service.

Checkout our current stock.

Be quick as they won't be around for long!

We get new stocks of IT equipment all the time, and we sell them at prices you won't find elsewhere.

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Updated: 24th January 2024

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