Business Phone System in 2024: What should you look for?

How to choose the right business phone system

When looking for a new business phone system, it's important you research the marketplace to see what technology is available.

We have highlighted the main features of modern business phone systems that will make your business more effective when communicating with customers and staff in 2024.

Your Business Phone System should give you:

1) Unified Communications

A system where you can enjoy the convenience of accessing multiple communication channels—voice, video, chat, WhatsApp, Facebook and conferencing—all in one user-friendly platform, simplifying and speeding up your interactions.

2) Web-based Management

Making it easy to manage. By accessing and managing your system from the web, you can make changes anytime, anywhere. By using a web interface, managing the phone system becomes effortless and easy to maintain and support. Making you very responsive to new opportunities, marketing campaigns and staff changes.

3) Everything Mobile

Modern phone systems provide mobile apps for iOS and Android so you can stay connected on the move, enabling calls, voicemail access, chat, and video calls from your business extensions.

4) Easy Collaboration

Presence features and machine learning let you see the availability status of your contacts, facilitating better collaboration by knowing the ideal times to connect.

5) Improved Customer Interactions

Your phone system should integrate with CRM systems to ensure that your customer information is at your fingertips during calls, enabling personalised interactions and efficient handling of enquiries.

6) Efficient Call Handling

You should have call queuing as standard to ensure incoming calls are managed effectively, ensuring fair distribution among available agents, reducing wait times and never missing a customer call.

7) Tailored Call Routing

Your telecoms should make it easy for your customers by having customised call routing rules based on specific criteria, ensuring calls reach the right department or person promptly. No more: 'press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts...'

8) Comprehensive Call Recording

It's now easy and low-cost to record calls as standard. This has many benefits for your business, including helping you with training, compliance, and quality assurance, providing you with a reliable and accountable service.

9) Convenient Voicemail Access

Voicemails that are converted to audio files and sent to your email that allow you quick access and management of messages directly from your inbox. Improving your responsiveness.

10) Robust Security Measures

Your system should have a strong emphasis on security, including encrypted communication and protection against cyber threats, so your team and your customers can trust in the safety of communications.

11) Scalability

You want something that scales with your business. Your phone system should easily accommodate additional extensions and lines without the need for significant hardware changes, ensuring a smooth and fast expansion process.

12) Seamless Integration

Your phone system should integrate with existing SIP trunks and gateways ensuring connectivity with other telecommunication service providers. This offers customers flexibility in choosing their preferred connections.

The 3CX Business Phone System offers you a range of powerful benefits and meets all of the above requirements and more. It is suitable for all sizes of business, quick to setup and saves you money.

We are 3CX partners and will be happy to give you a free demo.

Updated: 24th January 2024

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